Terms & Conditions

Project Professional Design/Measure & Return/Refund Policy:


All Sales ARE Final


All of our materials are ordered per client and are considered custom or special order and cannot be re-stocked or refunded

See client/builder color sheet for further policies


Our design/Rendering Fee is based on individual project (s): 

Bathrooms and Small under 400sq/ft spaces: $350.00 

Larger areas (401 sq/ft and over) and Kitchens: $500.00

Whole House or Full Basement: $1500.00

*If we collected a retainer & you purchase your materials through us a credit will be 

 given for design retainer fee or check returned directly to the paying party.

*If we did NOT collect and retainer and completed your design and you do not purchase

              our materials you will be invoiced the above fees with a NET15 payment term

Any items (s) not on this list or missing from this list or the cabinet detail sheet are not factored into the pricing and will be charged for, please review all quantities with your designer/installer prior to placing orders.

This disclaimer covers all pages of our spreadsheets, cabinet list, contracts, estimate form, invoices and will call pick up sheets

Once materials are PAID for, we turn around after 48 hours, order and pay our vendors for your materials, once the payment is received by Project Professional, LP it is considered a binding contract for materials signed off on via our invoices and color sheets.

Orders can be cancelled within 24 hours of payment 7 days a week and we will refund your money unless you verbally authorize us to order immediately we will place orders and will follow our no return policy.

Once materials are received, if there is damage, the MANUFACTURERS warranty kicks in immediately and materials will be replaced under the individual manufacturers policies. 

We appreciate our clients very much and work incredibly hard to ensure you get the best service, great pricing and beautiful finishes. Thank you for understanding our policies and procedures.


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